Mario Villa born in Gorgonzola, a country placed in north-east hinterland of Milan, on may 8th, 1945.
After to have attended the Trading Starter school, he achieves the qualification of plastic stamps planner and designer.
Hes enlisted therefore for military service in Regiment 11th in infantry near the barrack of Casale Monferrato (AL).

In 1968, to the age of 23 years, he becomes owner of an mechanical factory in Melzo (MI), that it produces plastic stamps. For this activity, Mario undertakes some work-related trips, durino which he can visit in every continent different nations, like ex URSS and Russia (Moscow), Southafrica (Johannesburg, Capetown), United States (New York, Detroit, Philadelphia), China (Shangai), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) and New Zealand (Wellington); this remarkable experience strongly contributes to enrich its professional and cultural acquaintances. The factory activity terminated in 1996 .

After a short period of transition of some months, from 1997 to 2004, into a italo-american multinational company, he  resumes to exercise the activity of technical advising. With the great acquired experience in the during field of the mechanical activity in the previous years, he can show the ability to resolve issues and different problems, both in the italian and american plants. From 1975 Mario Villa takes care about astrophilatelic studies and material of ex URSS and Russia.

The astrophilatelic career of Mario Villa is studded from numerous and very important successes during the manifestations and expo, in the which Mario it has been able to expose publicly his astrophilatelic material, with the studies about the flights of the Soviet, Russian and Americans cosmonauts , and the flown covers into the space, material of extreme value and philatelic interest.

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